Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

I keep in mind when I was in school, I was constantly stressed over whatever, especially about my studies, and whats going to happen if I am going to get bad grades, What I am going to do after that, How I am going to describe that to my moms and dads, and in some cases I would keep in mind something bad happened to me in the past, and I will start believing and worrying myself about it as if its taking place today, I would truly get upset just by remembering it the issue with worrying is that you cannot take pleasure in life, your whole day is just ruined due to the fact that someone criticized this morning and the rest of the day, you keep worrying your self of what kind of assholes is he that he criticised you. it sounds absolutely ridiculers, but thats how most people live their lives, individuals keep stressing over staff that happened in the past that they have absolutely no control over and cannot change anymore like why I didn't do this instead of that, and about the future that may never happen.

We keep picturing great deals of things that would never ever happen in a countless years. Let me give you an example, just last week, I was having my finals, whenever I would satisfy any of my friends or schoolmates, I would find them continuously worried about the finals, they are fretted that its going to be too difficult and they are not prepared for it, and now after the finals, they stress over grades that they are getting, You see how stupid is that, you fret about something, and when that thing ends, you begin fretting about something else and the cycle keeps going on.

Yes, finals are necessary, your grades are necessary but you don't really need to worry about any of them, since at the end of the day, it is not going to help you in anyhow, I mean it only ruins your day and just squanders your time, and you could put simply that time into studying more and probably you are going to get way better grades than squandering your time fretting. and the way dale carnage in fact suggest to stop fretting is by merely thinking of the worst case circumstance lets state that you didn't truly do excellent in among your tests, then, exactly what's the worst case circumstance, exactly what's the worst thing that could possibly happen to you? like someone is going to come and chop your head and that would be completion of your life?!! absolutely nothing even near that would ever possibly take place, lets be clear, the worst case circumstance is that you will fail that subject and will have to retake it in the next term and this time you have a lot of time to study and ideally you are going to do much better, that's it, And Remember this is the worst case circumstance, however in reality, perhaps instead of an A, you may just get B.That's all. Let me provide you another example, Lets say you work interview, tomorrow and you cant stop worrying, again ask yourself this concern, What's the worst thing that could possible happen? They might decline you and There are countless other companies all around where you may discover a much better job. the point that I am aiming to say is that, the worst thing that is going to take place to us is not actually that bad, its not exactly what's in our mind, its way much easier than that, instead of spooling your days and most significantly losing your life by constantly fretting, you can merely let it go and take pleasure in life. You have to comprehend how the brain in fact works, if you do not clarify to your self, what is the worst thing that might possible happen, your brain will start picturing all sort of nonsense that will keep you stressing, things that will never ever happen, so if you clarify to your self that no matter what, this is the worst possibility, Your brain will stop envisioning all that freaking unreal things, which can help you to stop stressing.

Just to clarify, it doesn't suggest that you should never ever consider the future and always concentrate on the present, that's wrong, you need to think of your future, you need to prepare, set goals however you should.