Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wealth Trigger by Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones - review

About two months ago I bought self help personal finance program created by Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones. I read many books of Joe Vitale such as "The Attractor Factor", "Zero Limits" or his free e-book "Attract money now". I have also his program "The Missing Secret", published by Nightingale Conant. Works of Joe Vitale were for me, many times, source of inspiration. DVDs from his seminar in Poland literally changed course of my life in the difficult times.

About Steve G. Jones I know only that he is hypnotherapist and he cooperates with Joe Vitale. Because I am on Joe Vitale mailing list, from time to time, I get information about new products created by Steve G. Jones.

Wealth Trigger is the program, which by using self hypnosis, should help you to remove your subconscious block, that prevent you from achieving wealth. The reasons why this program is so powerful is that, it teaches you how to write and record your own hypnosis session. When you listen to your own recorded voice, impact on your subconscious is much bigger.

Writing and recording your own session takes time, but it is not the problem because together with program you get hypnosis recorded by Steve G. Jones and Joe Vitale. You can use this hypnosis from the first day, until you will have your own session ready. You can also choose one of the five hypnosis recorded by Steve G. Jones, focused on topics related to wealth, confidence, passion and abundance. This sessions are included as a bonus.

This I did by the first 30 days after purchasing product. Every night I have listened to Unlimited Wealth Hypnosis Gold by Steve G. Jones. First benefit of the program, that I have noticed, is that I sleep very good relaxed like never before. In my work I am more focused and I can spend more hours working not feeling exhausted. Recently I was sick and everybody told me that this is long and painful illness, but I have recovered health after three days and almost felt no pain.

What exactly Wealth Trigger program contains:
  • five ready made hypnosis in mp3 format,
  • four audio recordings by Joe Vitale about Law of Attraction and hypnosis in mp3 format
  • six audio recordings by Steve G. Jones explaining what is hypnosis. Steve explain every part of hypnosis session with many examples.
  • Wealth Trigger ebook containing material about hypnosis from Steve G. Jones audio.
  • Wealth Trigger bonus scripts - ebook with examples of hypnosis suggestion scripts

I think that this is very good program. You can use it not only to make changes in your life but also to help others by using hypnosis.

Below you can watch the video review by Steven Hall. Steven Hall is the professional hypnotherapist and I find his opinion about this program interesting and informative.

If you would like to check if Wealth Trigger program can help you Click Here!.

P.S. There is 60 days guarantee so if you do not become rich using this simple mind hack you have your money back :-).

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