Friday, January 11, 2013

Emotions,motivation and success

There are two forces that control all people. Love and fear. 

In most cases, fear controls our lives and what we achieve in our lives. Success, wealth and money can all be related to emotions and our emotional state. So, with life so dependent on emotions, we should learn how to understand them. There is no better starting point than learning how to tame the fear. If we eliminate fear then nothing will be able to stop us achieving our goals. When we set targets, fear manifests itself in the form of subconscious thoughts. A person who has no goals is not a leader. Such a person is not afraid, because there is nothing to fear. Fear always goes hand in hand with action, and actions shape our lives. Many people go through life believing that external forces dictate what they have and how they  feel. Think, for a moment, about this often used statement: I love you. I really love you... Where does this feeling actually come from? This emotion... LOVE. Yes, it comes from inside yourself. You feel its importance and you have full control over it. You can apply this control of your emotions if you want to be a successful, wealthy leader. It is important to know that these two emotions control what you have now, and indeed, what you will get in future. Love, which is highly beneficial for self improvement, and fear, which is a challenge for you to master and use to your advantage.

Keep this in mind and everything will be fine.

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