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Faith As a Key Element for Success

by Create Global Future

Faith means many things to different people. Generally associated with religious beliefs, omens and fetishes, but its global significance is much broader as to limit it to certain specific categories.

The Bible in the quote from Hebrews 11 defines faith as best as possible: "The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen".

Unfortunately faith and meaning results in a number of proposals, some serious and real and effective use in a religious belief in the healing of diseases and the achievement of goals and objectives, but also in superstitions of charlatans who use ignorance and naivety of many people to profit economically and permanently.
Faith in general is part of what lies beyond our consciousness threshold and perceptiveness.

The whole universe and known far beyond any level of perception that we have of him, but beyond that reality itself is a myriad of sensory impressions. And our human ability to detect these is very limited.

As explained in other articles " The Subconscious Mind and Self-Esteem Center "our mind is divided into two fundamental part:

Part aware: that through the five senses captures environmental information and can only register up to seven variables or pieces of information simultaneously. This is measured in simultaneous stimuli or events that occur around us.

Part Unconscious: consists of all functions of the brain that controls involuntary and stores the information in many more to the information chain creating conscious.

According to research done by scientists in Colorado United States, it is now known that the human nervous system detects only one part in a billion of environmental energy.

The reality of fact is very vast in emission and perceptions. And it is clearly showed in other beings who live this planet as the animals that surpass us greatly in sensory means to detect and to take advantage what escapes to our senses and threshold of conscience.

Snakes for example have seen in infrared and calorific senses by which to detect prey without possibility of this is hidden. Bats emit ultrasonic and capture which makes not collide with obstacles along the way. Elephants meanwhile also pick up sounds not audible human frequency range, and this has made among other things that have saved many lives, as in the famous case of tsunami in Asia, which in the time it would shake the earth, elephants ground vibration perceived that preceded the quake panicked and hysterical, long before human media radar and confirmed it was on track a series of giant waves that destroyed entire towns and cities. And these skills were different from ours which saved lives alerted and defenseless.

Everything previous demonstrates that our limited perception of the universe leaves very much field in order that there happen phenomena that escape to our level of conscience and that therefore they must be recognized, certain and valued to take advantage of a world of options that we do not know and of that them being able to take advantage since for example with the conscious exercise of the faith they could benefit our life and that of all those beings who surround us and want to improve his quality of life.

On the topic of faith there is a principle very clearly starting says: " The map is not the territory and the map is not the territory. " This means that our model of the world, that our senses pick up and say, not all of what happens. Not even an important part. More it is a very small part of what happens in terms of time infinitesimals around us and throughout the cosmos.

The scientific world as we know it, especially the science of mathematical physics has a number of assumptions and laborious calculations that have defined the order of bodies in space and the fundamental particles like atoms and subatomic particles. Yet our sense threshold can not detect or experience these as small-scale models, such as the name of the atom. No one has ever seen an atom is. I mean eyes see naturally, without using electronic means or technology to confirm their presence. But we all have faith that atoms exist as we know them in the books of science if we can not see them.

We can not see the sound, nor the energy released from the bodies and many many phenomena that occur at any time.

This brief scientific analysis we have done makes it clear that even the science of using more advanced methods of reasoning and verification, also uses faith as a principle, it is not possible for humans to perceive directly many of these events and phenomena that occur every moment, although calculations show that intellectuals always occur.

Returning to the theme of success and improve the quality of life of people, today there is much talk of the power of attraction or the law of attraction works clearly as alleged. But many of the people who receive this insider, not be applied correctly and complete for use faith as a catalyst for attracting phenomena and pro-life events.

And this is mainly because there is a conflict between the conscious part of the mind associated with the left hemisphere of the brain that uses logic and reasoning limited with limited information perceived by the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, and the unconscious associated with the right hemisphere of the brain where the imagination, intuition and creativity perceptive.

Without getting into very technical details say that the basic requirement for achieving a permanent and effective faith is to provide clear information on the limited basic model of human perception as the one we have shared in this article to the left brain is logical, critical and skeptical, to learn to recognize our sensory and mental models as suitable but always limited in the infinite set of variables of information that happens around us and accept faith as a real fact constantly challenges our reality, but confirmed their results with extraordinary events that always come into our lives and if we do not train and expand our level of consciousness, continue to be overlooked and wasted as much times have occurred in the lives of many people.

On the other hand training the right hemisphere with resources like the offer at the end of this article to discover and use highly effective mechanisms that predispose our mood and bring awareness to our lives whatever we crave and need.

According to the above offer some directices important to know and apply the faith with effective results:

Become aware of the limitlessness of the universe, not only in its manifestations but also in their reactions.

Clearly considered as a conscious human perceives only seven variables of information at a time and a nervous system that detects only one part in a billion of energy around you, are not reliable instruments to ensure that all real phenomena of perception of the universe end there.

Understand that faith is not a belief helpless, because you can not conceptualize, but is an effective way of communication between your right brain and your inner self or soul that senses and perceives the universe much larger realities as not can see but who are here rather than those offered by the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and rationality limited. 

Use the power of believing and affirming faith that what you can not see is taking place right now and focus on the achievement of a goal, not in his questioning.

In what has to do with the power of attraction, do not worry about how you will get what you want. Leave it to a power that is much bigger than you.

Do not use faith to grow omens and fetishes. Rather to develop a harmonious relationship with your being creator, God nourishes and sustains you.

Use and exercise the power of the declarations and statements in your life to increase your faith that is vital to achieve any level of genuine success. No luck.

Apply faith to those desires and achievements to build your life and that of others.

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