Friday, April 12, 2013

Overcoming Failure In Life - A How To Guide

By Sam Gellatly

While you're growing up, you're most likely taught that failure is bad, and only failures don't make it in life. Which is why whenever you fail, it's a hard feeling to swallow, and bouncing back up seems like a very difficult task because you'll be so unmotivated.

However, on the contrary, failure is anything but bad. In fact, overcoming failure is one of the things you ought to be doing all the time, because humans learn from mistakes, and the only way you make mistakes is when you fail at something.

Nobody is perfect, so you're bound to have failures in life. And sometimes, those failures happen because someone else failed, that resulted in your failure. So really, you can even fail even though it's not your fault.

So having said so much, you know now that you ought to learn the skill of overcoming failure, but how can you start doing that in a healthy and non frustrating way?

Here are 2 tips you can apply:

Tip 1 - Don't Blame Yourself.

I said this before, I'll say it again. You're not perfect, so failure is always an option. Yes, something might have failed because it was a mistake on your part, but that didn't mean that you meant for it to happen, especially when you gave it your best shot.

It's alright to recognize your mistake and learn from it, but blaming yourself for it continually and letting that mistake make you depress isn't going to help you move on with your life.

In fact, it only cripples you because you're continually affirming that you'll only cause things to go wrong.

Are you seeing how overcoming failure is so important? If you're not doing that, you'll welcome failure consistently because you aren't confident in making things work out well.

Tip 2 - Deal With Your Failures A Bit At A Time.

Yes, like I said, overcoming failure isn't easy, but that doesn't mean you should run away from them and pretend they will go away with time, because they won't.

Even if it's a big problem, there will always be minor steps you can take in order to solve them. And if you keep at them, you'll be able to turn things around. I've tried that to know it's possible.

Break down your problems or failures into manageable steps, and deal with them one by one. Never think about the whole entire problem at one go as that will only make you depressed.

Try it out! Solve them bit by bit, and most often you'll realize that overcoming failure in that way is much easier.

Overcoming failure is the one thing you'll not stop doing in life because you're not perfect, and failures will always come your way. But if you deal with failures properly, they can become life's best teachers.

But if you're still not confident that overcoming failure is something you'll be able to do well, then you'll need help in building up your own personal life.

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