Thursday, April 18, 2013

Own Your Power

By Janet Alston Jackson

It's not surprising that many people feel powerless in today's extremely fast moving world.

Even when you are sleeping you are moving with the earth  almost 1000 miles per hour as it turns on its axis once a day.  You don't know it because we are held to the earth by gravity.

So we are constantly in a state of motion.  You may especially feel out of sorts when there's a full moon which passes through Earth's magnetic tail every month.  Police and hospital personnel report that they are busiest during this time of the month.

This is where the slang word for crazy "looney" or "lunatic" comes from, meaning the lunar effect (relating to the moon) on our bodies.

We too are made up of mostly water and electrical activity like the earth.

What does this mean?

We are far more sensitive to things happening around us than we realize.

For example, you may be engrossed in a task, but you don't realize you are picking up something negative  on a news station you hear coming from the next room.  You can also be in a  really good mood, but then you get a phone call from a relative, or you walk into your job, suddenly you feel down.

You may even feel  depressed, and you don't know why.

But you don't have to feel that way.  You can own your power.

How?  By being aware of your thoughts and your emotions.

Some people try to stop negative thoughts, or change what they are feeling.  Can you really stop thoughts?  No.  We have over 60,000 a day.  However, you can change your reactions to them, and this automatically elevates your feelings.

The way to do it is to be mindful of what you are thinking.  Tune in.

Be the objective observer and let your thoughts come and go like waves.

You are the mighty powerful ocean.

However, you are being swept away and are drowning in thoughts that are not true, and often they are not yours.  Remember, you are sending and receiving signals all the time, mostly subconsciously.

This is nothing to fear, or worry about.  Just be aware.

When you take the time to just be quiet and tune in, you can really see what thoughts are disturbing you, and why you may feel bad when you think you should feel happy.

Stop judging how you "think" you should feel, and just observe.

Be the quiet witness and you will find that there is a space between you and your thoughts.  In that space is peace, creativity, abundance and happiness.  The more you practice Mindfulness, the easier it gets.

In that space between your thoughts, is your true, quiet power.

Take it back.

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