Thursday, May 16, 2013

Re-write your goals every day.

If you want to be more focused on your goals you can use this simple technique of writing and re-writing your goals every day. This method is use and promote by Brian Tracy. You should re-write your goals in the morning before you go to work or start your work day and in the evening as the last thing you do before going to bed. What is important, to get benefits from re-writing your goals, you should do this everyday.

Decide that this will be your new habit. To form the habit you must do this 21 to 30 days in the row. To discipline yourself you can get your notebook and write on the top date and after the date "morning" or "evening". In the next line write the number one, if it is your first day. Now as a headline write for example MY PERSONAL GOALS. Below write your goals. Remember your goals should be in first person, in present tense and it also should include the date and even hour when you want this goals to be achieved. Every time you re-write your goals increase the number indicating how many times you've re-written your goals. Now, one important trick if you one morning or evening forget to re-write your goals start again from the beginning. This will motivated you to make this everyday. After 30 days in the row, you should have your goals re-written sixty times. By doing this you make new path in your mind and at the last you begin to re-write your goals effortlessly.  You will feel that you miss something if you not doing this. Everyday repeating to make a habit is very important. Jack Canfield told the story about astronauts, which as a part of their preparation to flight in to space wear special helmets. This helmets turn what they see upside down. After 30 days  mind is adapted to this and they can function normally, not noticing that something in his vision is upside down. But if some of them just for one day remove the helmet, during this 30 days, he need to start the training from the beginning.

Re-writing your goals is the simply to use mechanism for keeping your goals in front of you and make your mind  more alert for the opportunities of achieving them. This is one of the secret to success and reason why some people seams to have more luck than others.

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  1. When you speak of "rewriting" your goals, are you suggesting rewriting word-for-word without revision? I review my goals everyday as part of my morning practice, but I rewrite weekly at least once (often more) and I agree with the value of this. You offer some practical tips.

    1. Julie, thank you for your comment. I agree with you that the rewriting not necessarily must be word-for-word. I think that on the way to achieve our goals beyond perseverance is also necessary to be flexible. I focused on the act of writing as a method that allows you to focus your minds on what we want to achieve. Everyone is different and for you just daily review of goals is enough, to not to lose the sight of them. For others it can be vision board or affirmation. The key is to think of your goal, imagine it, act on it and changing the actions depends of the results.