Thursday, May 9, 2013

The power of good questions.

"Who asks, does not go astray" - Proverb

You can ask someone. You can ask also yourself. Questions you are asking yourself have influence on your thoughts and feelings. It is happen like that because, questions can change the object of your concentration.

We learn and explore world by asking the question. Power of the question is known from ancient times. Socrates used it as their main method of teaching.

"Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question." - E.E. Cummings

Questions are the commands for your "computer" mind. If you ask yourself better question, you get from your mind better answers and better action you will take.

In my work I very often ask myself question like "How I can improve and automate the task which I perform wright now?", "What I can do to eliminate mistakes?". Thanks to these questions, I have created a lot small computer programs. They improve my work, also work of my colleagues and clients.

Questions, which you have not asked, affect also on your fate. Many crisis in global economy and in small home budget is the result of not asking the right question in right time. For example you see new beautiful gadget and enticed by low installment you buy it. You earn short pleasure and very often few moths later your new gadget dust-up in the drawer. Only when you pay installment you think "Why I have not asked the question, if I really need this thing, when I bought it"

When you reflect you can easily come to conclusion that thinking process is asking and answering the questions. Even when you think over is my previous sentence is true, you ask yourself question "Is it true, that thinking process is asking and answering the question?".

Question method will work also if you want to remove your limiting believe. In his audio program "The Missing Secret" - Joe Vitale describes practical exercise created by Bruce Di Marsico base on "Option Method" by Mandy Evans. It consist of six basic questions, which have to discover and clear your limited believes. So, when you are unhappy, angry or you feel guilty or worry about something, accept yourself just as you are and ask yourself following six questions:
  1. What am I unhappy about?
  2. Why am I unhappy about that?
  3. What am I concerned would happen if I were not unhappy about that?
  4. Do I believe that?
  5. Why do I believe that?
  6. What am I concerned would happen if I did not believe that?
This is just on of the example good questions you can ask yourself. Questions have the power, which can make miracles in just a few minutes. Therefore you should constantly search for good questions and even better answers.

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