Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Difficult Decisions Made Easier

Like many people in the past I was often paralyzed by difficult decisions. When it seemed that there was no good choice I would often duck responsibility altogether until a decision was forced upon me. Then of course I would usually be unhappy with the results. Most people are more decisive than I was but are frustrated by their decision-making.

Making difficult decisions can be extremely confusing at times. Generally, a decision becomes difficult because some form of emotion is involved. This emotion may be tied to not wanting to hurt someone else's feelings, not wanting to lose something that you feel you might want in the future, or fear of losing what you currently have.

Do you know there is a fundamental secret to being able to make difficult decisions easily and effortlessly that few know? Do you know it takes emotional fortitude to find one's way to this secret and unlock the immense potential that lies there? If you pursue it, do you know it will permanently positively change the very nature of your personality and your performance? So what is this secret?

Play around with the imaginary picture of the "worst case scenario" and identify steps that you can take to be proactive and prepared. This step alone will minimize the anxiety around difficult decision-making.

Certainly it can feel (and will be) empowering because the fear of making mistakes is the thing that makes difficult decisions "difficult". Without it the emotional tension that causes confusion, lack of clarity, poor concentration, worry, stress, impulsive, indecisiveness and a sense of vulnerability will be gone. This will leave one feeling confident, resilient, positive, clear, focused, present, discerning, and competent to name a few.

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