Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a term which not many people are aware of. Well, it is a state of dreaming in which the dreamer knows that he is dreaming. Basically, he has a certain amount of control over his dream. To put it simply, in a state of lucid dreaming you can be a director of your own feature film. Lucid dreaming stories can be really interesting and fascinating. Not many people know that these stories that revolve in your head have plenty of benefits in store for you.

The benefits of lucid dreaming starts in your dreams. When you have a very disturbing dream and start becoming aware that it's just a dream, all the stress induced by the bad dream will go away.

A Lucid Dreamer may not always have the opportunity to fully control their dreams. However, they will be much more likely to impact changes within a dream than a man who does not practice lucid dreaming would be able to realize. It is vital to remember that having Lucid Dreams doesn't automatically mean that you will be able to fully control the dream, but you will definitely have the capacity to experience the Dream while knowing that it is in fact a dream.

Dream control is tough; but at the same time, it is interesting. How fast you achieve your goals depends on how serious you are about your endeavors. Do not rate yourself on the basis of another's performance. We are all unique, and each of us will obtain different results. Someone might get a lucid dream before you do; this doesn't mean that you will never get a lucid dream.

A dream journal is a technique to write down the lucid dream after waking up from a dream. Dream journal is known as the alarming technique. A person puts the journal next to the bed to make it easy to write the dream. It is an easy way to remember that what happened in the lucid dream. But, do it straight away after awakening, because it is not easy to remember the dream after some time. This dream journal procedure involves the good recalling timings of dreams. This technique will let a person to wake up him and recall whatever he dreamed. So, it is better for a person to take a journal and write whatever he remembers about his dream. It will act as a trick to raise the person's mind so then he may be able to recall his dreams. It is the best recalling procedure for lucid dreaming stories. This will further let a person to see much uniformity in his life, whether about the watch not telling time, the color of the sky is red, people are without shadows, the switches of light don't work, etc.

Whatever happened in the dream, it is important to remember it, because it acts as a reality checks.

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