Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Minimalist Closet Tour - Marie Kondo Organization

Welcomed to my wardrobe!

Hey everyone welcome to my wardrobe and today I'm going to show you the inside of my wardrobe. So what I have, I have all my clothes, I have hats and handbags, regions, scarves, almost everything except for my shoes. If you haven't seen it already, I'm going to connect below My Shoe Collection so that you can check it out. So where I live, we have 4 seasons, but I place all my clothes in one neighbourhood. That's because I feel like if I put off season clothes in a box, I'm going to forget about it. And likewise, at the start of the year, I chose for myself that I wasn't going to buy anything, so no brand-new clothes, shoes, handbags , not even socks and it obligated it so much easier for me to declutter because I'll pick up something and I'd remark " I haven't worn this in a year" and I'll really applied it in my giveaway pocket. So that's the intro for my closet tour .. So this is the inside of my wardrobe and I'll present you private individuals sections I have.

So on the left are my trench coats and my coats. This black puffer jacket is like a must have for the cold winters now. In this organizational hangy stuff, I have my hats, I have all my handbags now, and this airfield/ airplane pillow. So here in the middle, I hang all my garments and clothes that wrinkle when you don't hang them, so that's what I have here. And I likewise hang my scarves, I only have two, I maintained two because I realise these are the only two I wear, I have one blood-red and one grey. And I likewise hang all my hems and some short-spokens because they're real pretty when you hang them and on the wall, I hang my regions. So how I unionize this is everything is sloping to the right, if you detect it, everything is sloping to the right. And I read this in Marie Kondo's book, I tried it and it really made me joyful like opening my wardrobe and it looks like this.

It obligated me joyful so if you want to try it, really try it, it might do you joyful. Okay, so at the top are all my hangers are black. So I decided that I missed one color because I feel like if you have one color it's more organized that style. So yeah. So at the bottom now, I have my gym pocket liberty there and this is my travel backpack. So my place before like all my clothes were on the flooring, but I decided to give it in this bookshelf and it's more organized this way.

So at the top I deter my pajamas and jeans in one neighbourhood and those are all my underwear, they're all standing up and that's my makeup grazes and makeup kit. So now I've arranged this by season. These are principally my winter clothes, these are my heavier clothes and they just lighter ones for springtime/ autumn, and these are mostly time clothes. These are very light clothes like chiffon substance. And this corner now, these are just my gym wear. So at the bottom this is just for my bra and beach wear and these are all my socks, they're likewise standing up and it's so easy that style because you can see everything and you really pickup what you require and all my stocking are likewise standing up.

And this little black box are just nonsense I don't use all the time so like my curling cast-iron, "hairs-breadth" scatter, random nonsense like that. So that's the entire closet tour. That was a quick safarus because I don't have a lot. But sometimes I do feel like I still have a lot of clothes I need to declutter but this is what it is at the moment. So yeah .. So that was my closet tour I hope you enjoyed it. And thanks for watching the video because I actually appreciate it. And I hope this video causes you to declutter your wardrobe or unionize your wardrobe nonetheless you want that realise you happy.

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