Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dealing with the lack of the time.

Most of the people complaining that they haven't got enough time. The day have only 24 hours. Is there any method to stretch this time?

Interesting research published in "Psychological Science", shows that there is possible at least to feel that you have more time. Cassie Mogliner and Michael Norton from Harvard University conducted an experiment on two groups of students. The first group performed useless task - counting the letter "e" in the Latin text. The second group in the same time wrote letters to sick children. Next all students answered the questions related to perception of the time. Participants, which spend the time to children have felt that they have usually more time then other group, which have wasted time.

Another experiment was to group of students on the lecture. They were asked to check short essay written by high school students, in short time period only 15 minutes. Half of them got works and a red pen, rest can leave the lecture. Just before leaving the classroom everybody answered the question "How many free time do you have during the day?". Persons checked the essay in general declare that they have more free time than, persons exempted from this task.

Giving your time to others is the same as effective spending the time. 


If you realize that you have enough time to give it to others, you will think that you have it quite many. That can be simple recipe to dealing with the feeling of the lack of the time.

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