Thursday, May 23, 2013

Positive vision of end results.

When you set new goal very often your mind suggest you automatically all obstacles on the way to achieving your goal. If you do not try to overcome this you will focus on problems not on goal. As a result you get more problems and less positive outcome. This is why positive thinking is so important and we should practice it every day. When you set your goals you should also find and write down as much as possible reasons to success. It is important to positively visualize results, which we want to achieve. You should start your journey to goal with positive vision of end results. Keeping positive image of your goal in your mind and heart helps you to overcome obstacles to achieve it.

Don't limit yourself.

It is worth to think what better you can achieve than your initial goal. What result can be better than this which you set on the beginning? What enjoyed you even more. Remember you should set your goal so big to make all problems, small and insignificant in comparison. There is the rule that if you can imagine it you can achieve it.

On the beginning it can be, that you will not see any results. You may also have no idea how to achieve your goal and sometimes you may even think that your goal is not achievable. In the moments like that think about analogy to seed. After sowing, you have to wait long for the first blade and this is just first sign of harvest, to which still long way. If you give up and you will not be cultivate the grain you can forgot about harvest. So never, never, never give up.

Vocalize your goals.

Beyond positive creation of your goal image, you can try also to vocalize it. It means read or speak out loud this what you want to achieve with the energy and confidence. On the beginning you will feel little stupid and uncomfortable,but your goal is outside your comfort zone.

Take an action.

All mind tricks have one reason - motivate you to action. Taking action is most important. Do something to achieve your goal, check if it working. If not find if you can modify it to get the result you want. If still not working find another method. Do not stop acting.

Initial failures are inevitable. Positive vision of end results allows you to overcome it, stand up and try again.

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