Saturday, December 31, 2016

How to Set Goals for the New Year

Today instead of speak about planners and how you can use them I want to focus on how to laid aims for 2017. Because I've been told I have a really unique approach to the whole process. So the first thing i really need to say is why I don't do resolutions because I only procured they are too much pressure especially when you're considering doing something that you don't already do.

You cannot start from zero to 60 in one day and then retain that up for the whole year that's just a little too unrealistic in my opinion so instead of doing resolutions I only do aims so i choose my goals and I give them loose deadlines and I tell loose deadlines because I've became aware that no matter how strict you want to be on a deadline life can really bolt things up sometimes and so I like to only do a soft deadline so that if i get behind or if I fall off the wagon it's not just the end of the world I don't feel like a failure i choose to three goals and I do this because I seem like anything more than that to keep up with all year is way too overwhelming to wrap my brain around and to keep track of so I have decided to three and then after determining those big year aims i like to determined a few different aims every single month but they do not have to relate to my your goals and I do this because life changes constantly you know one month may have one priority and then the next month that thing isn't a priority at all.

So I specify different aims every single month and I try to make sure some of them do correlate to my big yearly aims but then some of them aren't going to relate to it at all and the space I understand on top of this is at the end of every single month I sit down and I reflect on the goals and the tasks that have completed the month prior and from here i am reset aims for the next month so like I said some of these are related to the year some of them art so I only kind of re-evaluate how well I've done so i can specify my new aims and that allows me to refocus recenter and actually understand what I'm absence on and what I'm going to change now.

I obtained this is really helpful since i'm not doing resolving because it gives me a chance every month to start over to do better and I feel like with resolvings that is where we all fight because we think we have to just go in one hundred percentage from day one and stick to it which is just I'm reasonable so the most important thing with all the millennium development goals determining is that there's a place for you to write it down and to have reminders of it so I liked my goals pretty much everywhere every single month and the monthly page of my day designer i write down my goals for that month.

They go up in the boundary about the docket and i normally color-code them only that they stand out when i look at my docket but you can do them however you want if you want to follow a similar routine and that is allows me to see them literally every hour I open my planner and then with my yearly aims i like to throw them on my kitchen fridge i put them on the bathroom reflect and throw them on the bulletin board above my table i normally have them in the notes of my phone so that i can just like open that and search at them and then i likewise have them in my planner and I utilized a decorator so there are goal-setting pages but that's something i get to see a lot of so occasionally throughout the days i will end up writing like aims down in the perimeters and likewise sometimes but those in the monthly docket as well only depending on how much I seem I need to be reminded of them.

So now let's talk about my favorite constituent of the goals and targets determining and it's literally not about objective determining everything there is so every single year when I'm getting ready to determined my goals and intentions for its first year to see I like to think about how I want my whisker to go how I wanted to feel so I mind sitting down and I think about a word that I'm going to use to guide my year and for me this is a personal growing thing so whatever I feel like I'm lacking in or I need to learn more of a pic a word that proceeds with that so that it becomes a part of my day and it kind of becomes a mantra when I'm stressed or anxious or nervous and repeated in my brain so the last year my word was gallantry.

I didn't want to be a scared-cat about my daydreams and I haven't picked the word for 2017 I've got a few in spin but it's just a really fun activity because it allows me to stop and think what was I absence noon and how can i pushing myself to be better so if you want to set aims or only attaining illumination of this I highly recommend choosing your word and then like your goals pasting it everywhere I always have it written on a post-it tone on my table on my reflect in my bathroom you are familiar with next to my bunk everywhere and then anytime that I'm feeling only the least bit amount of distress about anything I repeat that word over my brain so all year when I was daunted or nervous or overwhelmed I only repeated the word gallantry to myself and I think it helps a heap and it actually helps you i think stick with your goals that is pretty much all that I have to say about my aim determining process I think it's pretty straightforward of course the number one thing is to never get hung up on stuff so if you mess up no big deal you can start again tomorrow for more on objective determining.

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