Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Meditation Music "The Subliminal Audio Alignment" review

Music and sounds always very interested me. Since high school I play the guitar and sing, now mainly for my own pleasure. That's why I became intrigued created by Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon, the product called "The Subliminal Alingment Audio", which can be use as meditation music. In the period in which I purchased this product I had time of very intense work on one project in my job. I was searching for music or something that allowed me to better focus on the activities undertaken. I thought of relaxing music but I did not want to fall asleep at my desk. Audio created by Mathew Dixon is something else. There is not music but a set of carefully selected sounds that have been developed to synchronize your energy centers called chakra. Listening to the sounds of this type can have positive influence on your health. It also reduces stress, which you are exposed in the workplace. You can use this as a background sound when you work, it is great for meditation and also when you fall asleep.

Is necessary to distinguish two issues of healing through music and healing through sounds. Both of these methods can have a significant impact on human health. Mathew Dixon focused on the sound of their audio. Sounds with different frequencies, which are amazing to resonate with different parts of the body. They can cause changes in the neurological, physiological level  and affect the molecules at the molecular level and even change the DNA. This type of audio is not entertainment, but it is based on physical phenomena. These works by changing of the vibration of the objects, in this case the various parts of the body, by means of sound.

All objects in the universe from atoms to planets and even galactic are in constant vibration. They are not alway in the frequency which can be hear. This is confirmed by research in the field of quantum physics. Our body is like an orchestra where if all our organs are in the right resonance we feel the harmony, but when a part body loses the resonance, it has an impact on the sound of the entire orchestra, the lack of synchronization is manifested in the form of the disease. With the right sounds you can re-synchronize the body and in this way help to heal it.

Recording "The Subliminal Audio Alignment" lasts 29 minutes and 55 seconds during which the sounds are played synchronizing cycles of following chakras

Root or base chakra (survival)
Sacred chakra (sex)
Solar Plexus chakra (power)
Heart chakra (love)
Throat chakra (communication)
Third Eye Chakra (clairvoyance)
Crown chakra (wisdom)

When using this type of sound it is also important to have an intention. That is what you want to get by listening to this audio recording. In the "The Subliminal Audio Alignment" Mathew Dixon implement clearing process of hooponopono derived from the traditions of Hawaii. This process involves the repetition of a clearing mantra "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you".  This mantra is not heard by our concisions. But it is projected directly to our subconscious mind. On Mathew Dixon's recording this mantra is saying by Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the world know propagator of this clearing technique.

See for yourself what impact you can have on "The Subliminal Audio Alignment" click here to get more information about this program http://goo.gl/fNBTN

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