Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Communication skills - remember and use names.

Remembering people's names is important when you want to improve your communication skills. The average person is interested in their own name, far more, than in the other names on Earth, put together. You should remember and use people names. This will be a subtle and very effective compliment. However, if you forget them, or pronounce it wrong, you will be in a very unpleasant situation.

You still get to know new people. You speak with them for a while and forget their names before the end of the conversation.

You should be aware of the importance of people names and always remember, that they are sacred for them. They are the exclusive property of a man with whom you speak.

Libraries and museums owe their richest collections, thanks to the people who could not bear the thought that their names will disappear from human memory.

Information, which we give, or request presented by us, has a special importance, if we add to it's, name and the surname of the person with whom we speak.

To improve your communication skills watch this funny video about ways to remember names.

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