Saturday, June 1, 2013

Improve morale by praise.

If you want to improve morale and make someone to do what you want - there is only one good way. You have to do something that will make that person will want to do it. You can try to use force to compel someone. In this way, however, you do not improve morale. Moreover, as soon as you disappear from sight that someone, stop doing what you wanted from him, or even sometimes on purpose do it wrong. Conclusion is that - in order for someone to do what you want you have to give him what he wants.

What people want?

People often need to feel that they are important and appreciated, that lies deep in human nature. The fact that you feel that you are important separates you from the animals. This desire for a sense of importance is often move our civilization forward. Without that desire we were no different from animals. This desire for a sense of importance cause that the richest family in town build the house much too large for their needs.

Why people go crazy?

Sometimes people, to get a sense of importance and to interest others, hurt themselves and in this way gaining a sense of importance. Sometimes people go crazy, because in the unreal world of madness they find a sense of self-importance, which they do not have experienced in the real world. If there are people who want a sense of importance so badly, that for this they lose their mind, imagine what miracles you can make by knowing and using this aspect of people mind.

Praise, appreciation and encouragement.

The only way you can convince a man to reveal what is best in it is by appreciation and encouragement. Nothing destroys ambition in people as criticism. There is no one, even among the greatest, who has not worked better and not put in the work even more effort if it is appreciated, but they never would have done that as a result of criticism. We care about our children's bodies, friends and employees, but do care about their ambition?

Praise vs. flattery.

Of course you need to distinguish between praise of flattery. Flattery rarely works on reasonable people. It is shallow, selfish and dishonest. So usually fails. But some people are so hungry for appreciation that swallow whatever they are told. In the long run, flattery is causing more harm than good. This is false as false money and must make trouble once transferred to someone else.

The difference between praise and flattery? One is sincere and the other is not. One draws from the heart, and the second from mouth. The first is not selfish and the other is.

We are all human, and we want to be appreciated. It is a kind of payment, which is always welcome. Sincere praise makes more than reprimand and taunt. Injured people not only do not change, but also once you have said something, you cannot undo the result of having said it.

Stop thinking about your accomplishments and your own wishes. Try to see the advantages of others. Then forget about flattery. Sincerely and honestly give praise others. People will cherish your words, keep them as a treasure for life and repeat them for years, when you have long forgotten about them. In this way you improve morale of your co-workers, family members and even make someone to do what you want.

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